SCMPE, AMA and SFM Pendrive/Google Drive Classes- CA Final

  • High Definition videos on Strategic Financial Management and Strategic Performance Evaluation by CA Tarun Jagdish.

  • Easy to use tree -based course structure that is easy to navigate.

  • 100% Concept Clarity

  • Past 5 year Exam Questions Covered 

  • 150 + videos to cover concepts and problems

  • Weekly One hour Live for Doubt clarification 

  • 2.5 times viewership time 

  • 6 Months validity

  • 100% English 

  • Online Mock Test 

  • Latest RTP covered 

  • Pen Drive and Google Drive classes

Price -

SCMPE and AMA - Rs.6500 (Incl GST)

SFM - Rs.7000 (Incl GST)

Hardcopy of Study Material- Rs. 500

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